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  1. From the Athens Charter to the Ηuman Αssociation: Challenging the Assumptions of the Charter of Habitat 

    Charitonidou, Marianna (2020)
    For Le Corbusier, the architect was the authority on living and their role was to know what is best for humans, as it becomes evident from what he declares in The Athens Charter: “Who can take the measures necessary to the accomplishment of this task if not the architect who possesses a complete awareness of man, who has abandoned illusory designs, and who, judiciously adapting the means to the desired ends, will create an order that bears ...
    Conference Paper
  2. The Advocacy Planning and the Civil Rights Movement in the United States: The Architects’ Renewal Committee and the Democratization of Urban Planning 

    Charitonidou, Marianna (2020)
    This paper takes as its point of departure advocacy planning approaches’ consideration that urban renewal is incompatible with any kind of socially effective urban planning. It focuses on analysing the Architects’ Renewal Committee in Harlem (ARCH), the first organisation solely devoted to advocacy planning in the United States, and places particular emphasis on the critiques of urban renewal strategies in the late 1960s in the North-Eastern ...
    Conference Paper
  3. Low Amplitude Boom-and-Bust Cycles Define the Septoria Nodorum Blotch Interaction 

    Phan H.T.T.; Jones D.A.B.; Rybak K.; et al. (2020)
    Frontiers in Plant Science
    Journal Article
  4. Let Us Europeans Move: How Collective Identities Drive Public Support for Border Regimes inside the EU 

    Karstens F. (2020)
    Journal of Common Market Studies
    Journal Article
  5. Global changes in urban vegetation cover 

    Richards D.R.; Belcher R.N. (2020)
    Remote Sensing
    Journal Article

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